Beta Bookkeeping
Horsham bookkeeper for local businesses Tel: 01403 330510 Mob: 07971 633658 Email: [email protected]

paperworkAt last, the ultimate small businesses bookkeeping service!

Tailored specifically for the smaller Limited Company, and for Sole Traders, the BetaBOX service is perfect for the busy business owner who has little or no administrative support

The BetaBOX sits on your desk or in your van and you simply throw in your sales invoices, purchase invoices, sundry receipts, bank statements etc. When it’s full up, or you’re ready for your bookkeeping to be done, simply ring us up and we will collect it from you and do the bookkeeping. We will then deliver back to you an empty BetaBOX (ready to start filling again!) and a perfectly ordered ringbinder containing all of your documents.



  • Friendly and professional advice at the end of the phone or face-to-face
  • Profit & Loss reports so that you can monitor your progress
  • Balance Sheet (for Limited Companies)
  • Aged Debtor analysis so that you see who hasn’t paid you yet
  • Aged Creditor analysis so that you can plan your payments to suppliers



  • VAT Return at the appropriate quarters
  • VAT Detail report showing everything that’s included in the Return
  • Filing of the Return on-line on your behalf