Beta Bookkeeping
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worn outBoring old bookkeeping?

Well, that’s what our clients think!

And, yes, it can be a bit tedious entering all those transactions, but it’s worth the pain. A properly organised set of books will enable you to run a few simple monthly reports that will help you get a handle on your business and make sure that you are moving in the right direction. More importantly, if you’re not moving in the right direction, the information will help you to determine a plan for change.

The problem is that many people running a small business simply cannot find the time to do their bookkeeping on a regular basis. So, when they do finally get the information they need about their business – profit, loss, reducing turnover, who hasn’t paid, etc etc – it’s a long way down the line and valuable time has been lost that could have been spent rectifying the issues.

Help is at hand! Beta Bookkeeping can work with you and provide the help that you need to monitor your business in an efficient and timely manner. Working in a relaxed, friendly, professional and very flexible way, Beta can handle your bookkeeping, payroll, VAT Returns and credit control. We can do all of it for you, or just selected areas; we can work from your office, or we can collect your documents and work from ours – whatever suits you best. We will provide those all-important monthly reports that will not only help you, but will keep your bank manager happy. It really couldn’t be easier!

All you need to do is just give us a call for a no-obligation initial discussion about your business needs, and we can determine which method of working suits you best.