Beta Bookkeeping
Horsham bookkeeper for local businesses Tel: 01403 330510 Mob: 07971 633658 Email: [email protected]

Don’t let your debtors run your business…

We have a great record in recovering monies owed to our clients.

Even the most successful business can be put under severe financial stress through late or non-payment. At BETA we offer a robust and focussed debt recovery service designed to recover what you are owed fast.

Quite often the presence of a third party when recovering monies owed helps “focus the minds” of clients that may unofficially extend their terms.

Consider the advantages of using BETA for debt recovery:

  • Highly experienced: We’ve helped countless businesses receive what they are owed
  • Sensitive and professional: We always approach your clients with professional respect and courtesy
  • Saves you time: Chasing money can take you away from making money so let us do it for you.
  • Help and advice: If you want to do it yourself
  • Know where you stand: Reports to show who owes you money